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postheadericon We Switched Our Domain to the WordPress Content Management System

Our old website required people with coding experience to update it. The new one was not much better. We had to use software to update content, and it was time consuming and error prone. Well, the software was not the problem, it was just our inexperience with it. We wanted something much more intuitive so that managers from all departments could work on the website with little to no experience. I contacted a company that does WordPress development in Atlanta. Some of the biggest websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. It is a content management system that can be infinitely customized.

When you look at websites, you are most likely unaware of what is behind them. Each website has all kinds of things built into them to make them functional. It can be the HTML, Java, e-commerce software, ads and more. When you type in a webpage URL and it begins to load on your device, data may come in from servers all over the world. Each line of code of the page may make a call to a server that could be anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Hiring a Marketing Consultant Was the Best Business Move I Have Made

I teach an online course in techniques and methods for building model ships. It is a niche hobby where I even show people how to build ships in a bottle step by step. I make some nice videos using just a cell phone and a tripod along with some titles and edits. My course sells, and I have different ones for different model building types. However, my website and social media presence was severely lacking. I hired an advertising consultant in Walnut Creek to help me rebrand my products and promote them using social media and the web domain I own.

Model ship building dates back a long time, but I needed to bring the hobby into the current century to make it relevant to a new generation. I was trying to attract model car builders into the hobby as well as artists interested in other things such as painting and sculpting since you do both in model ship building. People are looking for a relaxing hobby, and building model ships is quite relaxing. Read the rest of this entry »