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postheadericon Are Your Administrative Operational Costs Growing out of Control

The most and more a business grows, the more and more its operational budget grows with it. And while there are often a number of projects operating to reduce business costs, very few of them look inward at how the business is run administrative and instead focus on the operational arms.


For a business owner, rising administration costs are a big problem. Largely, because they are not always recurrent. That is to say, there isn’t often one large contributor to the growing budget, merely a number of smaller always changing contributors.


If the problem was process driven, then the obvious option would be to revise the process map and look for large-scale ways to reduce costs. However, this isn’t the case.


Depending on your management style, there are a few popular ways to combat the constant rise in budget requirements.


Building the maintenance and restriction of growth of an administration budget into the core KPIs for an office manager is the most effective way to keep your administration costs low. Given that the office manager has complete oversight over the administration budget and their staff, they are better suited to tackle this concern themselves. And there is no better motivation for an employee to perform their task well than matching it against a KPI.


Of course, this is a very strong arm approach to the challenge. And while it may be considered effective, it doesn’t always align with management style.


Another approach includes expense grouping and management. Which is essentially a business way of saying putting all of the similar expenses into baskets and assigning them bi-budgets. With this approach, it can be more visible which types of expenses cause the greatest concern, and make it easier to correlate this with general business operations.


The outcome of an approach like sees a range of options which can actually further the business as a whole. For example, a large portion of the travel related budget can be reduced by simply making bookings through the Groupon Coupons page for RIU Hotels & Resorts when making corporate travel arrangements and plans. Similarly, changing your office stationery supplier or moving to their own brand version of your regular items can see a drastic decrease in your administrative budget.


Lastly, there is the least popular, however similarly effective method of simply cutting the budget. This involves simply provisioning less of your business budget to administrative costs and letting the effects trickle down. While this method isn’t seen as the most productive or considerate, it can certainly be effective. A tough management or owner style can be what is needed if you feel the problem has been left to grow for too long, and departments have begun to take advantage of the process and system.


With this approach, the department heads are required to take their own creative approaches to running the business on less, simply because they don’t have the funds for anything else.


How you choose to operate your business is just that, your business. However, if you that your administrative operational budget is growing out of control, it’s important not to let it become a juggernaut that you can’t stop. Despite what your department heads tell you, there are more efficient ways for them and the business to operate administratively.

postheadericon We Switched Our Domain to the WordPress Content Management System

Our old website required people with coding experience to update it. The new one was not much better. We had to use software to update content, and it was time consuming and error prone. Well, the software was not the problem, it was just our inexperience with it. We wanted something much more intuitive so that managers from all departments could work on the website with little to no experience. I contacted a company that does WordPress development in Atlanta. Some of the biggest websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. It is a content management system that can be infinitely customized.

When you look at websites, you are most likely unaware of what is behind them. Each website has all kinds of things built into them to make them functional. It can be the HTML, Java, e-commerce software, ads and more. When you type in a webpage URL and it begins to load on your device, data may come in from servers all over the world. Each line of code of the page may make a call to a server that could be anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Hiring a Marketing Consultant Was the Best Business Move I Have Made

I teach an online course in techniques and methods for building model ships. It is a niche hobby where I even show people how to build ships in a bottle step by step. I make some nice videos using just a cell phone and a tripod along with some titles and edits. My course sells, and I have different ones for different model building types. However, my website and social media presence was severely lacking. I hired an advertising consultant in Walnut Creek to help me rebrand my products and promote them using social media and the web domain I own.

Model ship building dates back a long time, but I needed to bring the hobby into the current century to make it relevant to a new generation. I was trying to attract model car builders into the hobby as well as artists interested in other things such as painting and sculpting since you do both in model ship building. People are looking for a relaxing hobby, and building model ships is quite relaxing. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon My Wife and Friends Have the Same Passion for Fun That I Do

Running a server myself is something that I had wanted to do for ages. Mostly because I wanted to see if I could do it. My problem is that I am often curious about things, but after I feel that I have mastered them, I become really bored and don’t care anymore. That is exactly what happened after having a big server in my computer room at home. I was running a game server for my friends, but then I didn’t want to deal with it soon afterward. I got a cheap Windows VPS instead, and that really helped out. I now tell everyone that if they want to be part of the server, they have to make a monthly donation. Read the rest of this entry »