postheadericon Hiring a Marketing Consultant Was the Best Business Move I Have Made

I teach an online course in techniques and methods for building model ships. It is a niche hobby where I even show people how to build ships in a bottle step by step. I make some nice videos using just a cell phone and a tripod along with some titles and edits. My course sells, and I have different ones for different model building types. However, my website and social media presence was severely lacking. I hired an advertising consultant in Walnut Creek to help me rebrand my products and promote them using social media and the web domain I own.

Model ship building dates back a long time, but I needed to bring the hobby into the current century to make it relevant to a new generation. I was trying to attract model car builders into the hobby as well as artists interested in other things such as painting and sculpting since you do both in model ship building. People are looking for a relaxing hobby, and building model ships is quite relaxing. You get lost in the tiny details and manipulating small objects. The advertising consultant in Walnut Creek that I hired was able to take a lot of the closeup photographs I have taken with my DSLR and remake them into incredible material for everything from Instagram to Facebook. The pictures have generated a huge interest in people taking my online classes in model ship building.

The interest ramped up so much that I paid a small production crew to help me remake the videos. Now the courses are highly polished and packaged in a way that has boosted their professionalism to a whole new level. I got to hand it to my marketing consultant. I am so happy that I hired her to redo our web graphics and social media.

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