postheadericon My Wife and Friends Have the Same Passion for Fun That I Do

Running a server myself is something that I had wanted to do for ages. Mostly because I wanted to see if I could do it. My problem is that I am often curious about things, but after I feel that I have mastered them, I become really bored and don’t care anymore. That is exactly what happened after having a big server in my computer room at home. I was running a game server for my friends, but then I didn’t want to deal with it soon afterward. I got a cheap Windows VPS instead, and that really helped out. I now tell everyone that if they want to be part of the server, they have to make a monthly donation. If they don’t, then they will not be able to play with us anymore.

The guys that I play games with are people who I have been friends with for a long time. Some of us met in elementary school, and some of us met later on in high school. I remember seeing how many other groups of friends broke apart over the years because one or many people in the group would get into trouble in life. As for me and my friends, we have always been addicted to gaming, so we never got involved with other things that could cause troubles for us in life. I really liked that none of us could ever be accused of anything other than hanging around in front of our computers a lot.

I ended up marrying one of my friends. She is the only female in the group and an awesome gamer. She loves to sit in the computer room with me and play the same games that I’m playing. All the guys say that I’m lucky to have someone like her on my side. I agree with them fully. We have a lot of fun together since we both like doing the same thin in our free time.

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