postheadericon We Switched Our Domain to the WordPress Content Management System

Our old website required people with coding experience to update it. The new one was not much better. We had to use software to update content, and it was time consuming and error prone. Well, the software was not the problem, it was just our inexperience with it. We wanted something much more intuitive so that managers from all departments could work on the website with little to no experience. I contacted a company that does WordPress development in Atlanta. Some of the biggest websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. It is a content management system that can be infinitely customized.

When you look at websites, you are most likely unaware of what is behind them. Each website has all kinds of things built into them to make them functional. It can be the HTML, Java, e-commerce software, ads and more. When you type in a webpage URL and it begins to load on your device, data may come in from servers all over the world. Each line of code of the page may make a call to a server that could be anywhere. WordPress is a powerful content management system that brings together everything from the color and graphics on your website to each individual bit of content the pages serve up. WordPress can do everything from powering a simple blog to running a website that sells thousands of products.

The cool thing is that it is easy to use. If you want to update a page, it is drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It works a lot like a word processor for creating pages that have everything from wrapped text to embedded videos. Plugins manage everything from email to spam filtering to running the backend for a sales site. Plus, WordPress can use off the shelf or custom themes to give your domain a polished look on any device. There are many premade responsive themes that are even free to use. We had our own specially made for our website. Using WordPress we can update content daily with no hassle.

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